Dear God

Today is Mashujaa day in Kenya. And as a habit, on this day we celebrate our heroes. Those who’ve made a difference to our lives. This time round i did not get carried away in the fervour of texting and calling almost everyone in my phone book just to wish them a nice mashujaa day.

Instead, i celebrate you. You are my hero on this day. I celebrate you and me. A mystery that has never been and one that will never be. For a start my Mashujaa day is happy, that kind of happiness that is distinctly heavenly. And for that you are to blame.

I celebrate you making me in the first place and then going ahead to make my life on earth good and at times giving me out of this world experiences. You have always been there, when i knew it not, when i refused to acknowledge it and finally when i accepted it. Always there.

You and I are the reason my life is the way it is right now. Our relationship is the basis of my life. We have had a long journey. At times i thought it was better to walk on my own and between you and me we know those times are many. And when i agreed to walk with you, i’ve always insisted on leading. Yet you have never walked away from my rebellious self.

With each passing day we are getting closer. I am knowing you more and more. Yet the more i know you, the more you remain the same. You are my God, my father, my friend, my go to person, my run to guy when everything crumbles, my discipliner, my teacher, my love, my miracle working problem solver and my strength all rolled into one. I celebrate you today.

There are many times i have appreciated you but today i realise that i should celebrate you too. So here is a toast to you. To all those moments when i have taken control of my life and you have reminded me albeit loudly that it is not in my job description. To all those times i have talked, talked and talked again without listening to what you are saying. To all the tears you have wiped from my cheeks.

To all those moments when i felt lost and you found me. To all the surprises you have given me. To all the miracles not even I can believe that you did that for me. To all our stormy days and sunny ones. To you. To us. To eternity.

King of my heart, i celebrate you today. Thank you for being my number one.


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